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Agree to the terms and conditions

Chapter 1 General rules

Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms and conditions seek to determine the rights and obligation of the users of the website and mobile app services of Tcon (“services”). The website and mobile app are provided by the online platform operated by Kukkiwon (www.tkdcon.net, “Tcon”).
Article 2 (Effects of the terms and conditions; Revisions to the terms and conditions)
  • These terms and conditions shall take effect when they are notified to the users through the service screen or through other means and by the user joining the services as a member.
  • If deemed necessary by Tcon, these terms and conditions may be revised. The revisions shall be notified on the service screen.
  • If the user does not agree to the terms and conditions, he may stop the use of services and cancel the registration of his membership. The continued use of the services shall be deemed as a tacit acceptance of the revised terms and conditions. The revised terms and conditions shall take effect in the same way as noted in the previous clause.
  • In the case that the user agrees to the content of the terms and conditions, they shall apply first to the delivery of services by Tcon and the use of services by the user. Matters unstipulated in the terms and conditions shall be determined by relevant laws such as the Basic Act on Electronic Communication, Electronic Communication Industry Act, Personal Data Protection Act, Rules on the Review by the IT Ethics Committee, Ethical Guidelines for IT and the Program Protection Act, as well as the general commercial custom.
Article 3 (Definition of terms)
  • The terms used in this document are defined as follows.
    • 1.User : Those who receive services under these terms and conditions.
    • 2.User agreement : The agreement between the service provider and user.
    • 3.Joining as a member : Completing the user agreement by filling in the personal data into the application form provided by the service provider and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
    • 4.Member : Those who have completed registration as a member by providing the necessary personal data to the service provider. Those who are eligible to use the information and services supplied by the service provider.
    • 5.User ID : The combination of letters and numbers selected by the user to identify him/herself from others when using the services.
    • 6.Password : The combination of letters and numbers selected by the user him/herself to verify the identity of the registered member and protect the user’s own personal data on the network.
    • 7.Deletion of membership : The act of a member ending the user agreement.
  • The terms used in this document, except for the ones defined in the above Clause 1, shall follow the definition in the relevant laws or information provided for each type of service.

Chapter 2 Service user agreement

Article 4 (Establishment of a user agreement)
The user agreement shall be established by the approval of Kukkiwon on the application for usage submitted and the consent to the terms and conditions given by the user.
Article 5 (Joining as a member or deleting membership)
  • Membership starts with the applicant filling out the application form online.
  • The service provider may reject the application for membership or cancel an existing membership in the following cases
    • 1.Application using someone else’s name
    • 2.The content of the application form is untrue
    • 3.Application is performed to undermine social order
    • 4.The individual has disrupted another person’s use of services or has stolen another person’s data
    • 5.The individual has committed acts prohibited by law or these terms and conditions.
    • 6.Other requirements for membership have not been met.
  • In the following cases, the service provider may waive the establishment of a user agreement.
    • 1.Service-related capacity is lacking
    • 2.There are technical errors
  • Services to be provided are as follows. Services may be changed if a notification of the change and its details are sent to users.
    • 1.All services that are developed in-house or through collaboration with other institutions
  • Members must notify the service provider of changes to their personal data if such changes occur. A notification can be sent by using methods including immediately updating their registered personal data.
  • You are entitled to delete your membership at any time after joining as a member, if you do not intend to receive services.
Article 6 (Granting of or changes to the user ID)
  • The service provider shall grant a user ID to a user, in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • By principle, the user ID cannot be changed. If it must be changed, the existing membership must be deleted and the user must re-join as a new member.
  • In the following cases, the user ID may be changed upon the request of the user or the service provider.
    • 1.If the violation of privacy is a concern due to the user ID being the same as one’s phone number or the resident registration number
    • 2.The ID provokes bad feelings in others or are scandalous in nature
    • 3.If there are any other reasonable reasons
  • It is up to the user to keep the user ID and password confidential. Any losses incurred during the process of using services due to negligence in managing one’s user ID or password shall be the responsibility of the user. The service provider shall remain immune from bearing responsibility for such cases.
  • Other matters concerning the management or change of personal data shall be determined by the service provider.
Article 7 (Consent to the use of personal data)
  • The company’s policy on the processing of personal data shall apply to your personal data.
  • Member’s information shall be collected, used, managed or protected by the service provider as follows
    • 1.The collection of personal data: The service provider will collect your personal data based on the information you supply upon joining as a member.
    • 2.The use of personal data: The service provider will not, without the consent of the owner of the personal data, disclose the data to a third party. However, exceptions may be made if a government organization requests such data under the relevant law, including the Basic Act on Electronic Communication, if the law enforcement requests the data for the purposes of an investigation, if the IT Ethics Committee requests such data, if a request is made under the relevant law, or if the owner of the personal data voluntarily discloses his data.
    • 3.The management of personal data: The service provider may change or delete your personal data at any time under the relevant menu on the service, to protect or manage your personal data. Changes or adjustments may be made to parts that are deemed unnecessary among the received data.
    • 4.The protection of personal data: Only you can view, revise or delete your personal data which are managed entirely by your ID and password. As such, you must keep your ID and password confidential. After finishing on the website, you must always log out and close the web browser. (This is particularly important when logging on through a public computer at an internet cafe or a library.)
  • Using the services under these terms and conditions shall be deemed as you giving consent to the collection and use of your membership data as registered on the application form.
Article 8 (Application for use)
An application shall be submitted by registering the individual’s personal data on the application form on the screen for member’s information, as requested by Tcon.
Article 9 (Approval of application for use)
  • Unless there are any extenuating circumstances and as long as the information set forth in Article 5 is accurately listed, Tcon shall grant approval on the application for use.
  • Tcon may limit or hold the approval in any of the following cases, until the cause for such a limit or hold has been removed.
    • 1.The content of the application form has been proven to be false. (Someone else’s name, a fake name or someone else’s resident registration number has been used) or there is just cause to suspect that that may be the case.
    • 2.Other cases recognized as valid by Tcon
  • Tcon may not grant approval on the application for use in the following cases.
    • 1.Application was not made using one’s actual name.
    • 2.Application was made using someone else’s name.
    • 3.The content of the application form is untrue.
    • 4.Application was made with the purpose of disrupting social order.
    • 5.Other requirements set forth by Tcon have not been met.
Article 10 (Revisions to the agreement)
A member is free to view or revise his own personal data at any time. Members are obliged to update their information if there has been a change since they first registered as a member. Issues that occur as a result of not updating their personal data shall be the responsibility of the member.

Chapter 3 Provision and use of services

Article 11 (Use of services)
  • Tcon shall start providing services from the moment approval is granted on the application for use. However, for certain services, they will be provided starting on a designated date.
  • Tcon shall notify on the public board or individually to members if it cannot provide services due to administrative or technical issues.
  • In principle, services can be used 24/7. However, there may be a temporary halt to services due to the administrative or technical issues of Tcon. Temporary suspension of services may occur during the time period for regular maintenance as set forth by Tcon. In such a case, Tcon shall make a public notice before or after the fact.
  • Even after joining as a member, certain services may be denied to some, depending on the requirements from the service provider.
  • Tcon may set the available time for services based on the categories of services. In such a case, a public notice shall be made in advance.
Article 12 (Changes or suspension of services; Storage and use of data)
  • Members acknowledge that in the case that the content of messages saved on the website or sent is deleted, not saved or not sent due to a force majeure event that is beyond the control of Tcon, such as a power blackout or a national emergency, Tcon bears no responsibility.
  • In the case that services need to be suspended temporarily due to the difficulty in providing normal services, Tcon may post a notification on the suspension of services one week prior to the actual suspension. Tcon shall not bear responsibility even in cases where a member did not become aware of the notification. If there are issues of material significance, the notification period may be shortened or the notification may be omitted. In the case that the content of messages saved on the website or sent is deleted, not saved or not sent due to the suspension of services as described above, Tcon bears no responsibility.
  • Even in the case that the services are permanently suspended due to the circumstances of Tcon, the above Clause 2 shall be observed. However, in such a case, the notification shall be posted for one month.
  • Tcon may temporarily revise or suspend services after prior notification and shall not take any responsibility to a member or a third party for such a revision or suspension.
  • In the case that a member violates these terms and conditions, Tcon may prohibit that member from using services. In such a case, Tcon may prohibit the login of a member or delete partially or entirely the posts made by the member.
  • In the case of long-term dormant members, the service provider may suspend their use of services after notifying them via email or a public notification for one week.
Article 13 (Supply of information and posting of advertisements)
  • Tcon may provide various information or advertisements deemed necessary during the course of the use of services by the member, via email, post, text message, direct messaging or messenger. Members have the right to deny the reception of such information.
  • Tcon may post advertisements on the service screen, website and email in association with the operation of services. Members who wish to use services shall be deemed by Tcon as giving their consent to the advertisements being posted.
  • Tcon shall not bear responsibility for any loss or damages incurred as a result of the member taking part in the sales activities of, or communication or transactions with the advertisement host.
Article 14 (Deletion of posts or their content)
  • Tcon may delete a post or parts of a post’s content without prior notification in the following cases. Tcon shall not bear responsibility for such a deletion.
    • 1.The honor or reputation of Tcon, another member or a third party has been undermined by the post.
    • 2.The content of the post undermines public order.
    • 3.The post is recognized as being associated with criminal activity.
    • 4.The post violates the rights of a third party, such as their copyrights.
    • 5.The content that does not fit the nature of the services
    • 6.The content violates laws or rules set forth by Tcon.
  • Tcon has the rights to edit, move or delete content posted on the services after three days’ notice. If the content violates the terms and conditions or undermines social order, the post made by the member may be deleted without prior notice.
  • Tcon may delete a post after one week’s notice if the post has lost its purpose as a post due to its validity being expired or if the objective of the post is unclear.
Article 15 (Copy right of posts)
  • The copyright of the posts lies with the members. Tcon may use the post, including adding the post to other services as well.
  • Any alleged violation of the civil or criminal code by the post of a member, including the violation of the copyright of another person or a program shall entirely be the responsibility of the member.
  • Members are prohibited from commercially using materials posted on the services, including packaging the post for sale.
Article 16 (Ownership rights of Tcon)
  • The services provided by Tcon, the software, images, trademarks, logos, designs, service name, information and brands needed to provide such services, and related intellectual property rights are owned by Tcon.
  • Except for the cases explicitly approved by Tcon, members shall be prohibited from revising, leasing, selling, distributing, producing, transferring, re-licensing, providing as collateral, or use for commercial purposes the property listed in Clause 1, either partially or in their entirety. Nor shall members be allowed to encourage such behavior on the part of a third party.

Chapter 4 Obligations of the parties in the agreement

Article 17 (Obligations of the member and information security)
  • In the case that a member joins the services, complete personal data that match the current data (“membership data”) shall be provided. In addition, if there are changes to the membership data, the registered information must be immediately updated.
  • Once the member completes his application to join the services, he/she can login using the registered authentication method.
    • 1.If the authentication method is used without the approval of the member, the member must immediately update the authentication method; and
    • 2.Make sure to log out after completing each session.
  • The member agrees not to engage in the following acts while using the services.
    • 1.Offending others (including minorities).
      • A.Using someone else’s resident registration number
      • B.Posts stating falsities about a relationship with another person.
      • C.Posting either true or false information to tarnish the reputation of another person.
      • D.Distributing false information to offer benefits to or incur losses on another person.
      • E.Disrupting another person’s daily life by posting or sending images, texts or videos that cause disgust or fear in the person.
      • F.For-profit activities using services without prior approval from Tcon.
      • G.Using someone else’s personal data to use information and telecommunication services.
    • 2.Posting or sending via email unnecessary or unauthorized advertisements, junk mail, spam, chain letters, continuous posts or recommendations to join a pyramid scheme.
    • 3.Posting or sending via email pornographic data, texts, software, music, photography or video messages (“content”).
    • 4.Posting or sending via email content to which the member has no rights (including intellectual property rights).
    • 5.Posting or sending via email viruses to destruct, disrupt or limit the function of computer software, hardware or IT equipment.
    • 6.Posting or sending via email content that includes computer codes, files or programs to collect and store other users’ personal data.
    • 7.Acts that involve gambling
    • 8.Distributing content to serve as an intermediary for sexual services.
    • 9.Other illegal or unjust acts
  • Members must abide by rules set forth in these terms and conditions or relevant law.
Article 18 (Obligations of Tcon)
  • Unless there are extenuating circumstances, Tcon shall allow the member to use services starting on the day the services are posted.
  • Tcon has the obligation to provide continuous and stable services as set forth in the terms and conditions.
  • In the case that a member incurs losses due to the services provided by Tcon, Tcon shall bear the responsibility if such a loss has been caused by the negligence or fault of Tcon. The scope of loss shall be limited to that defined by common commercial custom.
  • Tcon shall promptly address opinions or complaints by a member if it is deemed legitimate. However, if it is difficult to promptly address the issue, Tcon shall notify the member of the reasons and timeline for addressing the issue.
  • Tcon, under the relevant law, shall make efforts to protect the personal data of members, including the information listed for each member on the services. In regards to the protection of the members’ personal data, Article 16 of the terms and conditions and the relevant law shall serve as standards to be abided by.
Article 19 (Policies on the protection of personal data)
  • Tcon shall collect data on the member through the information provided by the member at the time of joining the membership. The personal data of the member shall be used to implement this user agreement and to provide services under this user agreement.
  • Tcon shall not disclose to a third party the personal data of any members that it acquired in the process of providing services, nor shall it use the data for commercial purposes. However, the following cases shall be exceptions.
    • 1.Law enforcement authorities, under relevant law, requests information
    • 2.IT Ethics Committee requests information.
    • 3.Other requests made in accordance with the relevant law.

Chapter 5 Termination of the agreement

Article 20 (Termination of the agreement and limit to the use of services)
  • If a member wishes to terminate the user agreement, he/she must request for such a termination to the service provider through the Internet.
  • Tcon may request that an authentication method be changed or re-registered, or change it unilaterally for the purposes of its security policy, ID policy or the smooth delivery of services.
  • Tcon may terminate the user agreement without prior notice in any of the following cases.
    • 1.The data provided by the member have proven to be false, including the use of a false name or a false resident registration number.
    • 2.The member is involved in criminal activity.
    • 3.The member has planned or executed the use of services for the purposes of undermining national interests or public interests.
    • 4.The member stole someone else’s ID or password.
    • 5.The member undermined another person’s reputation or caused losses for another person.
    • 6.The same user registered twice using another ID.
    • 7.The member caused disruption in the legitimate use of services by others.
    • 8.The member violated the relevant law or the terms and conditions set forth by Tcon.

Chapter 6 Miscellaneous items

Article 21 (Subscription fees and paid content)
Usage fees for the services are by default free. However, this shall not be the case for paid content or paid services.
Article 22 (Prohibition of the transfer of rights)
Members are prohibited from transferring or gifting his status and rights under this user agreement, as well as from providing such rights as collateral.

Chapter 7 Damages

Article 23 (Damages)
Tcon shall not bear any responsibility even when losses incur to the member in association with free services provided, except for cases where the losses were caused by a significant fault or negligence by Tcon.
Article 24 (Immunity)
  • In the case that due to a force majeure event, Tcon is unable to provide services, Tcon shall not be held responsible.
  • Tcon shall not bear responsibility for errors in the use of services caused by the fault of the member.
  • Tcon shall not bear responsibility for losses incurred from materials gained through the services by the member.
  • Tcon shall not bear responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of information, materials or facts posted on its services by members.
Article 25 (Jurisdiction)
  • In the case of a dispute between Tcon and a member in relation to the use of services, both parties shall make all efforts necessary to resolve the dispute smoothly.
  • Despite the above clause 1, if a lawsuit is filed in association with the dispute related to the use of services, the court of jurisdiction shall be the court of law for the location of Tcon.

Complementary rules

Article 1 (Effective date)
These terms and conditions shall take effect as of June 20, 2022.
Article 2 (Deletion of other terms and conditions)
Upon this set of terms and conditions taking effect, other terms and conditions for services by Tcon and World Taekwondo Hanmadang shall be deleted.
Article 3 (Retroactive application)
Users who have given their consent to the terms and conditions for services provided by Tcon before the effective date of this set of terms and conditions shall be deemed to have given their consent to this set of terms and conditions as well.           

Agree to the (required) terms and conditions

Agree to the privacy policy

History on the collection and usage of personal information

The online platform of Kukkiwon, Tcon is going to collect and use personal information for the purpose of managing membership. Please read carefully and check if you agree to the following.

Collection and use of personal information (required)

The personal data of users who use Tcon are provided to third parties as follows List
Task Items of information Purpose Retention period
Managing Taekwondo membership name, ID, password, email, (mobile) phone number (*for users under 14, phone number or email of the legal representative) registration and management of members until withdrawal from membership
Poom⋅Dan promotion test nationality, address, date of birth, Poom⋅Dan number, height, weight, photo Poom⋅Dan promotion test
  • semi-permanent
supporting documents (attachment) request for correction of personal information, document screening for foreign applicants / applicants with special qualifications
  • until the purpose task is completed

※ You have the right to refuse the collection and use of your personal information but in this case you may not be able to use the services.

☞ Do you agree to the collection and use of your personal information? (Yes, No)

Guidellines of automatic collection of personal information (Cookie)

Installation and operation of automatic collection devices for personal data and the withdrawal of consent to such collection
  • Tcon may install and operate automatic collection devices for personal data such as cookies to store information related to the usage of the website or mobile app. Cookies are very small text files that are sent by the server for the website and mobile app to the user’s browser. It is a file that includes identification letters and numbers that are sent by the web server to the web browser and stored on the browser.
  • Cookies may be permanent or session cookies. Permanent cookies are stored on the web browser and unless deleted by the user before the expiration date, remain valid until the expiration date. Meanwhile, session cookies end when the web browser is closed. Cookies do not contain identification information for each user but personal data saved by the user are stored on the cookie and connected with the information acquired from the cookie.
  • The user may opt for cookies or not, using the web browser settings. However, if cookies are not accepted, there may be some inconvenience in using the services. This may vary depending on the version of the browser.
    • How to reject cookies
      ▶ (For Internet Explorer)
      “Tools” on the top of the web browser > Internet options > Personal data > Advanced” → The user may choose from ‘allow’, ‘block’, or ‘selected by the user’
      ▶ (For Chrome)
      “Settings” on the upper right of the web browser > Personal data > Set contents > Cookies” → ‘Accept’, ‘Maintain until the browser session ends’ or ‘Block’
      ▶ (For Firefox)
      “Tools” on the upper right of the web browser > Options > Personal data > Drop-down menu” → Choose between the ‘Set user definition for records’, ‘Allow cookies on site’, and ‘Select/ unselect’.
  • Blocking all cookies may have a negative effect on the use of the website and may make it difficult to use all the features provided by Tcon. Cookies already stored on the computer cannot be deleted. This may vary depending on the version of the browser.
    • How to delete cookies
      ▶ (For Internet Explorer)
      Cookie files must be deleted manually. (See: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/278835)
      ▶ (For Chrome)
      Custom setting and management > Settings > Advanced settings > Internet use information Delete > “Delete cookies and other sites”
      ▶ (For Firefox)
      Tools > Option > Personal data → "User definition on records" → "Display of cookies" → "Removal of all cookies" 
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