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Great Taekwondo!


It is the venue for Taekwondo competition and the festival of harmony.

The World Taekwondo Hall has been continuing for 25 years since the first competition in 1992 to promote martial arts and improve taekwondo skills, as well as to promote harmony and unity among people around the world. Taekwondo is now developing into a cultural industry beyond martial arts and sports, and the government is also increasing its competitiveness by designating it as a national brand. Therefore, Kukkiwon has been leading the development of the Taekwondo culture industry for a long time. The World Taekwondo Hall is used as a tour program for Taekwondo families to visit Taekwondo's native Korea and Kukkiwon, Taekwondo's home country, as well as the festival of martial arts taekwondo and harmony around the world.
In particular, through regular demonstration culture performances for foreigners by Kukkiwon Demonstration Team, we are enhancing the cultural tourism industry of Taekwondo and increasing the competitiveness of Taekwondo brands. In the future, Kukkiwon will do its best to spread the culture of Taekwondo history and spirit so that Taekwondo's spirit, such as discipline, sacrifice, and service, can be established as the standard of life for people all over the world.
Therefore, unlike Taekwondo competitions where professional athletes compete by weight class, it is a festival of taekwondo practicing Taekwondo with martial arts such as Poomsae, Defeat, Self-defense, and Taekwondo gymnastics. As a festival of Taekwondo people around the world, Taekwondo people from all over the world are using it as a tour program to visit Korea and Kukkiwon, the home of Taekwondo, to commercialize cultural tourism and create a Korean Wave boom. The World Taekwondo Hall is a comprehensive competition venue for taekwondo technology with the authority and tradition of 5,000 people from 60 countries around the world. Kukkiwon, which opened in 1972 as the center of Taekwondo, has been a leading player in globalization of current and future taekwondo and revitalization of martial arts taekwondo, and will continue to be our national flag garden that makes the history and future of world Taekwondo.

It is an annual competition hosted by Kukkiwon, and participants show the essence of taekwondo, including breaking various defeats, demonstrations, creative birds, and taekwondo gymnastics.

The World Taekwondo Hall has established itself as the best Taekwondo festival showing various and colorful skills of Taekwondo, including Poomsae, Defeat, Self-defense, and Taekwondo gymnastics, except for competitions involving professional athletes every year. 

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